Nonna's Euro-American Ristorante & Bar - Bricktown - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma    


The bakery was originally started as a part of Painted Door located on Western Avenue. Opening in 1995, the bakery initially offered only cookies, cream pies and cakes from Avis’ personal recipes. Each morning Avis and one baker met at 5:30 to produce the fresh bakery treats. All of these recipes continue to be used daily at Nonna’s.

The bakery quickly grew in popularity and soon both a seating area and a lunch menu were added. When Nonna’s moved to its new location in Bricktown, the bakery continued to hold a prominent place in the business. Now located just inside the doors of Nonna’s this area features approximately 3 dozen different varieties of delicious desserts all made fresh daily.


(Photo Left: Tito Scaramucci and his wife Zenaide -affectionately called Nonna - soon after arriving in McAlester, Oklahoma, from Fabriano, Italy, in 1910.)